Thursday, August 8, 2013

Samsung Smart App Challenge - Wonderful Addition to the growing Android Developer Community

I used to follow closely on the Google Developer challenge. But I was not aware that Samsung too had started something on the same lines last year. I came across this Android Contest as I was browsing and realised it has happened once already in 2012 !! And it is being thrown open once again this year! Samsung Smart App challenge 2013! Interesting…  Seems like the best way to get the developer community engaged! 

The entry to the competition has just begun – It is open till August 31st !

It seems an interesting competition. But the caveat seems to be that you have to use “Samsung Chord SDK

The Chord SDK itself seems all the more interesting ! This Android SDK enables real-time sharing between devices without the cloud!! It allows for quickly connecting with nearby devices and thus sharing data, media and even playing fun games. This seems a welcome addition for the Android App Developer.

It seems like THE protocol that is going to take the developer community by storm considering the huge possibilities of the usage of peer-to-peer networks, without the need of a server! This allows for 1-to-1, 1-to-many and many-to-many device connections increasing the possibilities.

 As I look at this challenge and the Chord SDK, I would be blogging a bit more about it. In the meantime, curious to see anyone from the developer community visiting my blog interested or participating?

Would be great to hear your thoughts..

While the competition entries are open to 31st August, the judgement is from October to November and the results would be declared by December.

The price money seems very encouraging. But the other benefits may all the more entice all budding entrepreneurs. There is a good chance that Samsung itself may support through its venture capital funding arm and will provide a lot of support in terms of promotional benefits – which is not too quantifiable but cannot be absolutely undermined !! More details on the awards and judges here.

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