Monday, May 17, 2010

Table of contents

Table of Contents:
  1. Android Fundamentals - Jargon Explained
  2. Preliminary Step: Eclipse set up / Create Android Project
  3. Android Explicit Intent Example
  4. Android Implicit Intent Example
  5. Invoking Android Pre-packaged Applications
  6. Fetching a result from a called activity
  7. Android Notifications Example
  8. Android Local Service Example
  9. Android Service and Notification Combined Example
  10. Android Remote Service Example
  11. Android Content Provider Example
  12. Android Broadcast Receiver Example
  13. Android SQLite DB Example
  14. Shared Preferences on Android
  15. Google Maps on Android
  16. Location Manager on Android
  17. Simple List View
  18. Custom List View
  19. Android Threads and Handlers
  20. Http Connection Using Threads
  21. Date Time Picker Views
  22. Auto Complete Text View
  23. Spinner View
  24. Gallery View
  25. Image Switcher View
  26. Creating Android UI Programmatically
  27. Android UI - Inflate from XML (Dynamic UI Creation)
  28. ListView of Data from SQLiteDatabase
  29. TabLayout or Tabbed View
  30. Options Menu
  31. Context Menu
  32. New Contacts Content Provider
    1. Simulating an incoming call on the Emulator
    2. Obtain Google Maps API Key
    3. Simulate Location Change in Android Emulator
    4. Updating to Android SDK 2.1
    5. Delete / Remove Applications deployed on the Android Emulator
    6. Disable Chinese / Japanese Characters on Emulator Keyboard
    7. Android Eclipse link Error - New Project
    All Sample code at One place / Alternate Download site for Code

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