Monday, December 31, 2007

Service Oriented Architecture


I am an Architect in the Software Industry. I know the need for such a role is hotly debated one. But for now, I can do with such a designation.

Service Oriented Architecture is a buzz-word since almost 3-4 years now. I believe that it has not caught up as fast as it promised to. However, there is definitely benefits that can be derived out of its implementation (if done right) across large enterprises.

My opinion on this is that it is almost a sure failure, if it is taken up in a big bang way for implementation. It has to be planned and taken up in phases with calculated but less risky applicaitons initially. Once the technical success of it is ascertained, the applications of business value need to be taken up to move towards this architecture.

Though lot is said about this in various forums, I am yet to hear anyone say confidently that much of their enterprise has taken to SOA.

Anyone's thoughts on this?
Do you think Business critical applications should be taken up to prove the business value to the enterprise for a pilot phase or less critical applications should be piloted, to absorb and risk of failure?

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